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Home-grown Sarawakians Jason Chew and Ronald Lim are no strangers to providing professional business events services both within Malaysia and overseas, and they have collaborated to form a new entity called Conference People – specifically focused on congress and conference-related services hosted in Sarawak.


Founders Jason and Ronald are already successful professionals in their own right and have run their respective companies for several years. Passionate about their work, they felt that “Together We Can Do More” – and that the time was right to collaborate and contribute towards boosting Sarawak as a venue for international events.


Jason is the owner of Events Horizon, one of the biggest event companies in Sarawak in terms of manpower, resources and experience. Ronald is a co-founder of Think Events and has the distinction of being the first Sarawakian on his fourth-year contract as the Technical Consultant for Telecom World Congress, organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of the United Nations. Together, they make a formidable pair in the Business Events industry.


With their years of local, regional and international exposure, Conference People aspires to make a difference in the events they are working towards organizing in Sarawak. Although international in mindset, they hope to inject a distinctive local flavour into the events they are involved in. They also hope to contribute towards training up more industry people in Sarawak, as they foresee a greater need for more skilled organizers in the state.

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